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" You need to grow up. Stop trying to control me. ‘Cause I’m not going to jump when you say ‘jump’. Not again. 
AnnaLynne McCord as Heather in Dallas

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CHRISTOPHER: This is for you.
HEATHER: What is it?
CHRISTOPHER: It’s paperwork for Bo’s treatment, it’s paid already. When you get to the hospital, just hand them that and you’re good to go. Bo needs Michael and Michael needs you.
HEATHER: I guess it’s… I guess it’s true, huh? You’ll always be connected to your first love.
HEATHER: Thank you.

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TITLE: Daniel Ahearn
ARTIST: I will let you go
ALBUM: I will let you go
PLAYED: 72 Plays

Dallas Soundtrack: 3x10 Dead Reckoning
I Will Let You Go - Daniel Ahearn

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Naomi Clark in 02x01 

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"Haley (AnnaLynne McCord) is an entertainment reporter in New York City and is at a crossroads with [her fiancé] Jason (Drew Scott), who may have cheated on her. One thing leads to another and she has to do community service with a small town’s art centre, which is entering a float in the Christmas parade. Haley becomes personally invested in saving the centre, which is on the brink of closing.”
Christmas Parade (November 2014, Hallmark)

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JAMIE: I heard that you apologized to Richard. And I have to say, I’m impressed.
NAOMI: Well, you were right. I needed to be honest with him.
JAMIE: Oh, come on, you made a mistake. So what? So did I, you know? I totally overreacted, And I shouldn’t have gotten so upset. But you did the right thing. And once I heard that, you know, it was hard for me to stay mad at the girl i’m falling for. And I am, Naomi. I’m falling for you.
NAOMI: I need to be honest with you, too. It was my dream to meet someone like you. But the truth is I’m still hung up on someone else. Someone I thought i was over.
JAMIE: I hope he’s worth it.

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NAOMI: Are you okay?
LIAM: Yeah, i’m fine.
NAOMI: What?
LIAM: If I could take back what happened last year, I would. I think about it every single day.

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— I would take it all back if I could…

— Stop. Just stop.

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