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NAOMI: She’s my friend. She’d never go out with you.
LIAM: Look, that’s who I am, Naomi.
NAOMI: A huge douche bag?
LIAM: Basically. I don’t do the whole boyfriend thing. Which is why you should get out now.
LIAM: What?
NAOMI: Nothing. Why don’t you let me take care of myself? Maybe I have a little thing for jerks.

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NAOMI: I’m going to the gyno.
DIXON: Geez, Naomi!
NAOMI: What? It’s time for my pap. Oh, hey, Annie,you know about HPV, right? ‘Cause it doesn’t matter if you have your little v card, all it takes is some genital contact…
ANNIE: Naomi! —
NAOMI: Super hot gyno. He talks, I listen. Anyways, I’m off.
DEBBIE: Have fun.
NAOMI: Oh, believe me, I will.

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NAOMI: Oh, my God, I’m so mad right now!
ANNIE: Take it easy!
NAOMI: I can’t! He makes me crazy!
NAOMI: Liam! He cancelled our date again. I swear, I’m going to rage out right now!
ANNIE: No raging out!
NAOMI: But why did he do it? Why?! Did he meet someone else? Or is he sick?
ANNIE: Why don’t you just ask him for an explanation?

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"Hey, hey. We’re going to find him.”

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AnnaLynne McCord as May in Gutshot Straight (2014)

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Anonymous: is Dallas 1x8 the last episode for Annalynne. wat is next in line for her

The last appearance of Heather is in 3x09 or 3x10, the second half of s3 begins in August. Next project of AnnaLynne’s that will see the daylight is a film named “Gutshot straight”. Unfortunately there isn’t much info about that one just yet!

edit/ I’ll post some new pictures of Gutshot Straight soon!

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CHRISTOPHER: You are a breath of fresh air in my life, Heather. And if you’ll have me, I’d like to take the next step in our relationship.
HEATHER: I’ve got a kid, Christopher.
CHRISTOPHER: I like your kid.
HEATHER: I’ve got a kid, whose had his heart broken by his father. I can’t risk his heart getting broken again by a man, no matter how much I want that man in my life.
CHRISTOPHER: I am not going to hurt you. I-I promise.
HEATHER: You are a really great guy. You’re a guy who stands up for me but you want to play house. I wake up in my bed and have my son, Michael start thinking of you as a dad. That’s big deal, Christopher. So you’ve got to stop and think about whether that’s what you really want.

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Anonymous: What's Heather and Bo's story line?

Bo is Heather’s ex-husband and they have a son together. Bo has trouble with gambling and drugs and he isn’t pleased to see Heather (and his son as well) get close to Christopher, who is basically their both’s boss. And now, in the mid-season finale, it seems that he tried to burn down the Ewing family house.

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